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Blue is The Darkest Color

This is my writing project. It’s a story about a GTA-RP character I have created. If you’ve seen my stream you probably know who Emelie Karlsson is by now. She now writes the story of her past with her new name, Amy Carlsen as well as shares her photos and blogs.


Read the latest news about my projects and get a glimpse of my mind in the ranting section.

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I’m Waifu UwU, a 28 year old Swede living in Norway and I’m a pretty weird tsundere with ADHD. That means that when I’m streaming I’ll most likely ask you where you are from and what you work with 5(+) times before I remember. This doesn’t mean I don’t care it’s actually the opposite.

On this website you will get to know me better and find all information regarding the work that I do. You can also find “Blue is The Darkest Color”, a writing project I started at the year-shift of 2019 and 2020. Details on what that is can be found here.

Through all my life, creativity has been the biggest drive.

When I say creativity has been a big factor in my life, it is not an understatement. I learnt how to read at the age of five, but that didn’t stop me from creating stories before that. I told long tales and my siblings wrote them down for me. I made picture books and started a “poetry club” (though only my mother attended) when I was 7. At the age of 10 I changed school to one that focused on music and I have always looked for ways to express my creativity in.

It wasn’t until I found Twitch in 2017 that I realised I could create in any way possible for a living.

I started making my own overlays and panels and created emotes with the pen tool in photoshop and they got very well recieved and people started wanting to pay me to create for them. That’s when I realised I wanted to learn more about graphic design and in October 2018 I started studying it.

💠What games do you play?

I play a variety of games because I can’t stay focused on the same for too long. I always come back to Overwatch and Hearthstone (but play them pretty casually these days. Peak Rank 3, 3738 Mercy, 3200 DPS). Right now I’m getting back into GTA-RP and I stream all those games.

💠What do you do when you’re not streaming?

I freelance as an illustrator (making emotes and such for twitch) and also study graphic design. You can learn more about my work and see my portfolio here. Some people may call me a weeb, I call myself an otaku or a fujoshi.

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