In 2020 I want to work towards growing my brand in a more dedicated way than I have before. I’ve been streaming for 2 years and I’m starting to understand where I want to go with it.

My first year I was enjoying the platform and getting to know what it is to stream. I had a schedule which I followed and I felt I was doing great. I had 8 average viewers from my second day and it was thrilling. Some of the regulars I got in my first months are still a big part of my community and I’m amazed at that. I was consistent and streamed the game I was addicted to: Overwatch.

In February 2018 Vermentide 2 was released and I tried streaming something else. Vermentide had something no other game had at the time: Twitch Mode. It got really popular for some months and my viewership peaked. Shortly after my birthday I had a 24 hour stream and the average of the whole stream was 28 viewers.

After that I started trying out streaming different games, and what I learned from Vermentide is that playing new indie games is a great way to be discovered. I streamed the game until I found Grand Theft Auto Roleplay which was my main game for many many many months.

My biggest issue when it comes to growth has been consistency. I snow in on one game only and stream that for months and then without so much as a second thought I change course to a totally different game.

It’s three years later and my numbers are the same as when I started. Why do I keep talking about numbers? Do they matter? Yes and no. Numbers is one of the tools streamers can use to measure their progress, and since Twitch doesn’t have an algorithm numbers is what makes your stream accessible on their website.

So how will I move forward? My goal is to double or triple my average viewership this year, and to do so I am working on content outside of Twitch. I plan to make my YouTube a proper channel and not a place to dump videos and I plan to acknowledge and work around my weaknesses.

When it comes to streaming is ADHD, has been a big setback. But it has also been a strenght.

ADHD is the reason I can’t stick to one game or even one genre of game. I’m not saying that you can’t play different games and be a variety streamer, but the variety is just too great in my case.

When I stream GTARP I play a psychotic character who speaks in a very intense voice, and along with the RP a lot of people in my community feel uncomfortable with that roleplay. I have also built my brand around my personality and my way of connecting with people and when I stream RP I struggle to focus on anything but the game. Roleplay also often comes with a higher viewership number, but a lack in activity in the chat and talking with my community has been my motivation.

So should I not stream RP? No, that’s not the answer either. I love telling stories and sharing my creativity. Roleplay has been a lifesafer for me and a place where I’ve met some of my closests friends. However, I need to make space for everyone who is a part of this community.

I plan to add more “just chatting” and “IRL” to my streams so that I make more space for the things I’m passionate about and need to stay motivated.

This blog and website will be a place for me to rant, share things about my life and news about my content.

Want to commission me for emotes or other designs? Then you can check out the main-page of this website. Want to read my roleplay characters blog? Or read my book? Then check-out Blue Is The Darkest Color.

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